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Favorite ThisGladkill reinvents his sound in electro-indie Satellite Respond outfit

Published: December 15, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Satellite Respond - August FallsIn a year when a lot bass music producers have broken ground on new projects to expose their softer sides thanks to a dearth of loud soundsystems, Boris Gladkikh is turning back to an idea he's been toying with for years.

Best known in our circles as Gladkill, his attention turns to his Satellite Respond moniker, which is meant to be fully flushed out as a trio, but which Gladkikh has filled out on his own, thus far.

In the Explosions in the Sky or El Ten Eleven vein, Satellite Respond has pushed Boris' electronic production skills into the instrumental indie realm with “Fugue State” and “Medusa.” But today, his vocals take center stage with “August Falls.”

Much more firmly in the indie vein than his previous singles, “August Falls” doesn't shroud his pipes in effects, but brings them front and center with more straightforward instrumentation than was present in the initial tracks, as well. All three will be on Transmission Zero, the debut EP from the Satellite Respond project, which is slated for a January release.

It's really been enlightening to see a lot of producers return to their instrumental routes, of late, or break with norms from their traditional projects. With a light at the end of the tunnel for the return of live shows starting to show itself, my hope is that these experimentations aren't thrust to the side once we are all speaker-side again.

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