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Favorite ThisGladkill: Beta Review

Published: October 9, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

It goes without saying that Boris Gladkikh (Gladkill) has been on his grind these last few months. The Los Angeles-based producer is currently neck-deep in a thunderous tour across the nation with megastars Bassnectar and Gramatik, but this in no way has slowed down his steady stream of captivating anthems.

Gladkikh released his Perception EP a few weeks ago, and is already back at it with another fierce set of unforgettable tracks sure to leave jaws dragging on the floor. Sit down, relax your mind, and prepare yourself for everything that is Beta (Muti Music). 

First up is “Dearly Departed,” which kicks things open with a steady layering of electrifying snare claps and voluptuous melodies—this combo works like a charm, while gently drifting its listeners through a peaceful state of guided relaxation. “Our Differences” is a glitched out tune that gracefully continues the nostalgic journey previously sparked by track one, by injecting an endless supply of influential vocal samples and endearing synth waves into your ears.

“I Can’t Change The Past” is the type of track that will immediately have you doing three things: closing your eyes, relaxing every muscle in your body, and floating away from any stresses. So you might not be able to change the past, but with the help of Gladkill’s mood shifting instrumentations, you can damn sure alter your current state of mind.  

When Ms. Mimi Page lends her tantalizing vocals to a song, everything instantly takes a turn—for the better, of course. “The Night and the Skyline” stays true to this general rule, and is a heart-stopping track filled with enchanting vocal progressions and haunting dub lines. We can only hope these two continue working with each other, because everything about this screams pure bliss.

Beta has confirmed every suspicion we had about Gladkill—he is unstoppable. The rising star continues his speedy streak of forward-thinkng releases, while further pursuing an uplifting style of chillstep that helps fans escape their earthly cares, if only for the length of the record.

Tags: DowntempoDubstepGlitch