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Favorite ThisGem & Jam Artist Spotlight: Govinda

Published: January 21, 2014
By: Mica D'Alesandro

GovindaI got a chance to catch Govinda at a recent show in Baltimore at the 8x10, and got a chance to chat with him about the 8th Annual Gem & Jam Festival on Feb 7-9th in Tucson, Arizona. Govinda will be headlining alongside Alex Grey, Mimosa, Bluetech, Paul Basic, Russ Liquid, Desert Dwellers, and Kalya Scintilla. After spending three days hanging out with him and showing him the city, I can share with others that he's very personable, sweet, caring, and on weekdays, a full-time dad. He studied classical music in college and over the years has blended that love into futuristic gypsy bass music. 

How has your music changed/progressed over the years?

I have been exploring a little dirtier and darker version of my old sound.  It is part of an evolution that is inspired by the live experience.  The sensual, floaty, mysterious lives on as well of course. 

Gem & JamHow excited are you? To be included with the other headliners for Gem & Jam? 

I am very excited. There is a lot of energy and excitement around this event. Many great artists on the bill. 

Is this your first time at Gem & Jam?


What might fans expect at your set?

Live violin over crushin' beats with a very sexy dancer. (It's a surprise who)

You have been all over the country this past year, what should we expect this upcoming year music and tour wise?

Solidifying the new markets we opened up last year. More Canada and of course the best festivals. 

Its your 3rd straight year at Wakarusa, an incredible festival and my personal favorite.  What is it about Waka that keeps bringing you back?

Aside from my agent working directly with Pipeline as well, I have had some great success with the demographic at Waka.  It's mostly a crowd that appreciates both acoustic and electronic music. 

What's your spirit animal?

Im pretty sure its an owl. I also heard one hooting last night outside my window. 

Your live sets are so magical and best way to describe life changing, mystical, and cultured.  Would you ever consider releasing a live set?

I have not been so keen on releasing live sets. Things may change in the future but I like to keep my live show a one of a kind experience that isn't played over and over until people get tired of it. 

Make sure to check out Govinda this year especially at the 8th Annual Gem & Jam Festival February 7-9th in Tucson, Arizona!  If you haven't seen him yet, put that on your bucket list because his set will change your entire perspective on what dance music can be.


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