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Favorite ThisFreddy Todd - Airplane Mixtape Vol. 1

Published: November 23, 2011

"This mixtape was created solely in the mile high club, on airplanes and jets, in between shows on tour during the end of summer 2011 by Freddy Todd. It contains 50% original Freddy Todd tunes (some unreleased, some remixes, some originals) and 50% tunes by some of his favorite artists and producer homies at the moment, as well as a few mashups created on the spot. It also contains various popular rap and hip-hop edits mashed up over the mix here and there. This mixtape is 100% free. Expect more installations in this series of Airplane Mixtapes as Freddy continues to travel the world spreading his vibrations."

Mixtape artwork by Evan Berman (



Intro - Ravi Shankar - Charu Keshi x Flight Back To Detroit Sample
MusSck - The Man Who Knew Too Much
B. Lewis - Code(x)
Freddy Todd & S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - Honey I Crunk'd Tha Kidz
Freddy Todd - Wax Blaps! (unreleased)
ill-esha & Joe Mousepad - 33 And A Third
Freddy Todd - Hustle Buster
Freddy Todd & Black Mic - Dopesauce ft. Fat Ray
Danny Brown - I Will
x Samples - Naughty Naughty
GRiZ - Look At Me Now Remix
Elfkowitz - Get Low Remix
+verb - JerkOFF (Freddy Todd Remix)
Zebbler Encanti Experience - The Final Sign (Freddy Todd Remix)
kLL sMTH - Smoothstep
Bobby Tank - Nexus Moonburgers (Freddy Todd Remix)
Shadow Attack - 26 Rings (Freddy Todd Remix)
Slugabed - Quantum Leap
x Krampfhaft - Spit Thunder
Freddy Todd - 8 Type
GRiZ - Live On Arrival
x Bobby Tank - Sexy Thang Remix
Freddy Todd - Thuster Bus
x Freddy Todd - Breathe Ask
Omega & Cualli - Alpha Phunk
Freddy Todd - Thank You Later
SplaTTerboX (FT & GRiZ) - Peacebomber
Freddy Todd - Dash (Breezee One Boyfriend Of The Month Remix) - BKTMFA
Nunca Duerma - Central America
Ravi Shankar - Charu Keshi
Hauschka - Radar
x Freddy Todd - ChicoCalidub

x = mashup

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