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Favorite ThisErothyme debuts Liquid Bloom remix 'Emerging Heart'

Published: November 9, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

ErothymeAn all-star cast has assembled to remix Liquid Bloom's Re:Generations album. The album itself is a reinterpretation of classic Liquid Bloom tracks (as reimagined by Amani Friend, who is one half of Desert Dwellers with Treavor Moontribe). First, AtYyA took on the album, and now these tunes get a fresh pair of ears courtesy of Kaminanda, Hedflux, Numatik, TRIBONE, and more.

One of the remixers is Bobby West, who has been wowing fans with lush, breathtaking productions as Erothyme. A talented musician in his own right, West has gone on a deep dive into “Emerging Heart,” to pull out a beautiful, 7+ minute journey that closes out the remix album.

Erothyme will be joining Desert Dwellers & Quixotic tomorrow night, November 11, at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado, alongside Moon Frog and Mikey Thunder. He will be part of the Bass Couch All Star event later this month, and will ring in 2018 in a tropical location to be announced.

Liquid Bloom Re:Gen Lucid Remixes will be available November 30 from Desert Trax

Tags: Downtempo