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Favorite ThisEPROM scorches the scene with his Pineapple EP

Published: July 6, 2017

By: Chris Conte

The Duke of Underground Bass lays it on heavy with an excursion through uncharted territory on his new EP, Pineapple.

The legend EPROM sends low end sound waves with some serious breadth weaving and rolling through both ear drums. Smooth yet simultaneously chaotic, Sander Dennis makes you want to bash your head all the way through the core of the Earth to China.

As the EP progresses you are launched through multiple psychedelic dimensions like you inhaled your third hit of DMT. Led by haggard machines elves warping and contorting various levels of consciousness you are brought to different realms all led by a steady underlying current of bass.

There is a duality present, light and dark, night and day, yin and yang. “Pineapple” hits you like a twister in the heart of Kansas while “Koummya” lands you down to Earth comfortably, they have two totally different vibes but work together as a sonic journey. On one side there are massive world shakers, on the other pacifying and relaxing flows. But ultimately you are brought back to the place the drew you int to begin with, the walls of sound that knock you back in your chair and make you bang your head. “B.F.G.” the lead single from the release sends a powerful message, but “Zweihander” might be the sleeper of the collection.

EPROMLovingly remixed by G Jones, the title track takes on a totally different attitude. Greg Jones takes such good care of the tune by his hero and one of his closest allies in the bass game. The “Pineapple” remix gets some added oomph and swagger in Jones' capable hands, and this remix excites us of the possibilities of more G Jones B2B EPROM showcases in our future. To be honest, Dennis' headline set at The Untz Festival had us sobbing with joy, so there's no need to even tease ourselves of the possibility.

In the digital age, EPROM charts a retro course by using analog synths to create his soundscapes; meaning he is twisting, turning and correcting actual knobs on a synthesizer rather then digital ones on a screen. While using multiple layers of diverse media he is creating a pathway of his own.

Dennis is blazing his own trail of free form bass. Gaining support by Aphex Twin, Bassnectar, and the like, he's solidifying his position among the greats. Pineapple is exemplary a genius soundsmith at the top of this game.

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