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Favorite ThisEpisode 19 - Simplify Recordings

Published: July 14, 2010


This week on The Untz Podcast, a conversation with Aaron Simpson, CEO of Simplify Recordings.  He started out as a trance DJ in his hometown of Seattle, then ditched the trance for drum & bass.  Last year, he started his Simplfy label, and has been putting out around 20 releases a year.

On July 16th, d&b group Red Army releases their "Azul" EP.  On the 23rd, catch the "Touch Me" EP from live electro act American Werewolf.  Simplify's newest star, NiT GriT has a big EP out now, it's called "Synthetic Heaven."

Next week on the program, we'll have a complete wrap up of Camp Bisco 9.  Over the next few weeks, expect great guests like Fort Knox Five, and a preview of the Sand by the Ton festival taking place July 31st in Oakland, CA.

Tags: DubstepDrum and Bass