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Favorite ThisEpisode 15 - Eliot Lipp

Published: June 21, 2010


On this week's The Untz Podcast, Eliot Lipp is the featured guest.  Lipp is a DJ and producer specializing in hip-hop and electro house and boogie.  Originally hailing from Tacoma, Washington, Lipp is now based in Brooklyn via San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  As Lipp moved from one place to another, his sound changed and morphed depending on his locale.  His latest disc, 2009's Peace Love Weed 3-D is a return to his early beat-making days.

Lipp has several side projects, including Lipp Service with Alex B from Pnuma Trio.  His Dark Party project with Leo 123 has a single coming out Tuesday (6/22).  It's called "Patrol Patrol."

Next week on the program, percussionist and hammered dulcimer maestro Jamie Janover is the guest on the program.  He rose to fame with Zilla, his moody live electronica trio with Michael Travis (SCI, EOTO) and Aaron Holstein (Vibesquad).  His new project is Lynx & Janover.

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Tags: Electro