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Favorite ThisENTHEON Slideshow ft Alex Grey, Ott, Michal Menert / Lot 613 (Los Angeles, CA) / 5-16-2013

Published: May 29, 2013
Story by: Amanda Mendrek
Photos by: Amanda Mendrek, Molly Gale, Michael Schlink (

The Kickstarter Party for Entheon: The Alex Grey Visionary Art Experience was blooming on Thursday, May 16 inside Lot 613, a multipurpose venue, located in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles. Grey fans were invited to engage and contribute towards the funding of Entheon, a new home for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors art instillation. With a $125,000 pledge goal set, Grey alongside his wife Allyson and a team of dedicated advisors and specialists are well on their way to uniting communities through a visionary art experience.

With Euphonic Conceptions, Challenger, LA Confidential & The Real Collective as sponsors, the night was a full blown blossom. A VIP meet and greet with the Greys kicked off the evening followed by a sonic lineup worthy of a pre-party music festival. Michal Menert, of Pretty Lights Music label, paid an extra special homage to Colorado, a state deserving of endless praise, for its upstanding tradition in the realm of creative arts. Following, Menert, nature-fueled music sensation, Ott, expressed an organic earthly vibe that transcended traditional live instrumentals. Desert Dwellers, LYNX, and Thirftworks raised the vibrations of the venue and heightened contribution and success of the Entheon campaign. Overall the night was a transformational success.

Throughout the evening live paintings by Michael Divine, Dan Hampe, Yuin Huz, and Rhadika Hersey decorated the perimeter of the venue, which begged attendees to stop, analyze, and appreciate the intricate talents of the “live” painting process. These moments expressed an undeniable interconnectedness of the paintbrushes belonging to the Greys’, which highlighted the communal relationship between all artists,”...discovering the God within.”

The Entheon Project will be funded on Friday May 31, 11:59pm EDT, but there's still time to help extend their goal and fund even more mind-expanding work:

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