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Favorite ThisEliot Lipp's Old Tacoma Records Announces the Release of Nunca Duerma's Debut EP 'Dilated'

Published: November 5, 2012
Eliot Lipp's Old Tacoma Records announces the release of Nunca Duerma's debut EP Dilated. The 3-track EP is a collection of sampled-based grooves and layered drums that will resonate on the dance floor while also appealing to the critical listener's sensibilities. Attune to the techniques of chopping and resampling, the Chicago-based beat-maker uses his affinity for hip-hop and expertise of warping to create a complex but appealing set of downtempo, soul-influenced, experimental tracks. Dilated is sure to please both IDM fans and critics alike.

Dilated will be available online at all your favorite outlets on November 6th.
For now, check it out on SoundCloud:

Detroit born, part-time Seattle transplant, Michigan-raised producer Nunca Duerma resides currently in Chicago (the bustling hotbed for Midwest artists, musicians, and other up-and-comers).  Nunca Duerma has created his own brand of original, sample-based, hip-hop/electronica;  a natural byproduct of his life in the city.

A multi-instrumentalist from a young age, Nunca Duerma (Tahif Attiek) combines elements of traditional hip-hop, jazz, funk, and electronica in a way that elicits instant head-bobbing from even the most apprehensive electronic music listener. Paired with a unique approach to live performance—including live sampling, original productions, lead synths, and frequent collaborations with other artists—Nunca Duerma brings a fresh new image to the live-electronic scene that is likely far ahead of its time.

Meaning “never sleep” in Spanish, Nunca Duerma’s music brings to mind a clear night sky among towering buildings, speeding cars on a busy highway, and streaking trails of light in a time-lapsed photo. A wonderfully modern soundtrack for a city with a sordid history, this Chicago beat maker is well on his way to progressing contemporary electronic music.

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