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Favorite ThisDYNOHUNTER: Pilgrimage EP Review

Published: February 12, 2013
By: Lisa Disinger

Tactfully combining the worlds of analog and digital music, electronic jam bands are gaining exponential popularity in the EDM scene. The current incarnation of music festivals owe a lot to jam gathering roots, and livetronic productions are doing a lot to blend the practices of old and new. Electronic jam bands are headlining across the nation, and riding on the wake of this wave is the Boulder-based act DYNOHUNTER. The trio pushes not only the current trends of sound in whomp and grind, but also the less conventionally used sounds of sultry sax and live drumming.

DYNOHUNTER gets down and funks it up in their fourth release Pligrimage. Ethnic tones and modal melodies are blended amongst the highly energetic sounds of popular Western instrumentation. Judging by the titles of their previous releases, in combination with the album art, this group aims to recreate a prehistoric tribal sound with the aggressive allusions to pre-historic creatures. Since it's impossible to know what dinosaurs really sounded like, my mind is more than happy imagining them growling and stomping in dubstep sound effects. Picture a volcanic field roaming with giant reptilian beasts. Now, a man from some neo-tribe riding on top of a pterodactyl, wearing a loin cloth, and playing improv tenor sax. Yeah, this sounds kind of like that.

What I really find interesting is the progression of title choices across DYNOHUNTER's discography; it inspires the thought of evolving geographic epochs. Previously released are albums The Precambrian Era, and Techtonic Drift. Even titles on tracks of the current release suggest movement in their advancement: “Directions,” “Pilgrimage,” “Crossing the Bridge.” My theory parallels the group's self identified achievement of "profound evolution" in sound. Praying that DYNOHUNTER continues enjoying an expanded rate of success, someday we may see titles and hear sounds that remind of us of the Neolithic ages, with that livetronica flare.

In true jam band spirit, DYNOHUNTER offers all of their music for free, which you can catch on the trio’s social networking pages. Download eight tracks with a double dose of bass. Enjoy your electronic sub-whomp-glitch-crunk synth with your funky fingered electric bass, at no cost to you but your listening pleasure.

Tags: GlitchHip HopLivetronica