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Favorite ThisDreamtime EDM - Top 20 [Page 3]

Published: April 30, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

10. Cross Them Out ft Holly Drummond - Approaching Dusk
Cross Them Out - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
Cross Them Out’s Falling Deeper EP is handcrafted to drift your daily constraints and stresses into inexistence. “Approaching Dusk” relies heavily on valiant vocals and light string sections, creating an instantaneous state of immersion from your very first encounter.

9. Ekko & Sidetrak - From Me To You
Ekko & Sidetrack - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
“From Me to You” utilizes enriching harmonies to tell a life-changing story, gripping each listener’s spirit with liquid drum ‘n’ bass patterns and harmonious saxophone sections. Play this song a couple times before journeying into the great unknown, and we promise it’ll be the best sleep you’ve ever had.

8. Slow Magic - On Yr Side
Slow Magic - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
If you haven’t yet heard of Slow Magic, we suggest you jump on that train right quick. “On Yr Side” meshes astounding snares with mysterious vocal samples, sending your imagination through a vigorous joyride. Consider this your musical massage for the day, and that happy ending comes when you click repeat again.

7. Tycho - Adrift 
Tycho - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
After playing this effervescent tune for about 30 seconds, it’ll become completely evident why Tycho dubbed his artwork “Adrift.” Your conscious spirit will soon float across each of the seven seas, visiting regions of the world you never dreamed of experiencing. Are you dreaming, or could this possibly be real? Little Inception moment right there.

6. Laurelle & Alexander - Lost Stardust (Himalia Remix) 
Himalia - Dreamtime EDM - Top 20
Laurelle & Alexander’s dreamy style of indie-pop is undeniably breathtaking, fermenting an overwhelming sense of pure bliss deep into your loins. Himalia’s thought-provoking remix shines a light on this phenomenon, slowing down the pace while encapsulating the true meaning of beautiful.

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