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Favorite ThisDesert Dwellers - Seeing Things remixes

Published: February 25, 2014
By: Lisa Disinger

For their latest release, the Desert Dwellers duo has partnered up with Twisted Records to issue a remix compilation their tune "Seeing Things." This UK based label is hosted by Simon Posford (aka Shpongle) and was released just in time to raise some hype for their upcoming tag-team tour. Last week, many of us were biting our nails with anticipation, and clasping our hands together in prayer, hoping that Posford's U.S. Visa would actually get approved. Their musical journey was forcefully postponed a few dates, but with heroic effort Posford manged to pull his certification from a wormhole of government paperwork, offices, and courier services, just in time to touchdown for the Museum of Consciousness Tour in Asheville, NC.

The remix compilation Seeing Things features a menagerie of hallucinogenic artists reinterpreting  a Desert Dwellers track by the very same name. The original mix is thick with evolving textures and morphing layers of psybient atmosphere. A haunting mellismatic chant weaves in slowly from background only to disappear again into the depths of bubbling glitch and sweeping pads before dropping into a line of groovy sub.

As a listener, we enjoy the psychological pleasure of recognition-- getting down to a tune we know and love on the dancefloor-- and the benefit of a remix is that we can still revel in this pleasure, while also experiencing the thrill of the unknown. This release invites you to rediscover a fan favorite through the eyes of other psychedelic artists including Eat Static, LubDub, James Monro, Land Switcher, Kaminanda, Variant Field and Mystral, encouraging you to see things you already thought you knew from an entirely different perspective.

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