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Favorite ThisDesert Dwellers: Recalibrated Vol 1

Published: June 28, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

If you have ever taken a peek at Desert Dwellers’ complete discography, it quickly becomes evident that “prolific” doesn’t begin to describe the trio’s career. The hard working crew of multi-talented musicians release mesmerizing tracks at an astounding rate, while staying consistent—not sacrificing quality for quantity.
The Western US collective of Amani Friend, Treavor Moontribe, and Rara Avis have made a huge impact on their respective scene over the last decade, while establishing an ethereal sound filled to the brim with live instruments and tantalizing vocals that will quickly have any listener floating through a subconscious daze. Their unique soundscapes possess an irresistibly calming effect, which has helped Desert Dwellers gain a prominent following with songs that encompass elements of music from all around the world.  

On their latest album, Recalibrated Vol 1, the trio lets some other incredibly talented artists in their genre take a crack at a few of their previous songs released throughout the years.
“Crossing The Desert” is remixed by Kalya Scintilla, and features ubiquitous drum claps and spine tingling live instruments which combine to create a remarkable tune that will have any listener pressing repeat before they even get to the end. Kaminanda takes on “Trail of Nomads,” and turns it into a sensual slow jam that features a contagious bounce and immersive string and vocal samples.
“Moonlit Horizons” gets the remix treatment by Drumspyder, who add his distinctive sound to the track and creates a soulful set of instrumentations that float amongst a series of ambient vocals. Blue Lunar Monkey turns “Spaces Between” into an expressive tune complete with out of this world bass lines that layer perfectly under an armada of heartfelt string sections. 
Closing out the album is Solar Lion’s remix of “Misty Mountain,” which will quickly captivate its listeners and have them exiting reality propelled by the song’s gentle nature and use of spirit healing instruments that paint a vivid picture as each note is released.
Recalibrated Vol 1 is an eclectic release from a group of artists all across the world who are remarkably good at what they do, and are masters at the crafts when it comes to infusing live instruments with computer production. With their minds still very much focused on quality, Desert Dwellers wouldn’t enlist any old artists to work through their catalog. They got the best.

Track Listing:
01 New Generation (Temple Step Project Remix feat. Darpan) 7:38
02 Crossing the Desert (Kalya Scintilla Remix) 5:21
03 Trail of Nomads (Kaminanda Remix) 7:12
04 Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani's Pyramid Lake Remix) 5:01
05 Moonlit Horizons (Drumspyder Remix) 5:11
06 Taking Flight (Kaya Project Remix) 5:58
07 Snake Charmer (Tarun Nayar Remix feat Aditya Verma) 5:11
08 Spaces Between (Blue Lunar Monkey Remix) 6:54
09 Misty Mountain (Solar Lion Remix) 4:32

Tags: DowntempoDubstepLivetronicaGlitchHip Hop