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Favorite ThisDesert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution bring Earth Heart to NY

Published: November 17, 2015

Story & photos by: Christopher Conte

These type of shows are rare and cherished. Groups of like-minded individuals coming together and creating something beautiful. This might sound like an over-exaggeration but once you experience it, you'll agree. One collective conscious joining forces for a single night in fall to rejuvenate our confidence in this world we live in.

Last week, the Earth Heart tour with Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution rolled into New York City for an unforgettable performance at The Wick on the tail-end of an east coast run that brought the performers to Baltimore and Philadelphia before that.

Earth AltarIt was like a mini festival inside a warehouse in Brooklyn. There were two stages, one for the music and the other for workshops. Live painting going on in the main room with the music. Incredible art vendors, glow in the dark shops, body panting and an Earth Altar consisting of upcycled materials. Along each Earth Heart stop, these Earth Altars have been crowdsourced from fans and crafted lovingly by dedicated teams who have been brought into the spirit of co-creation by the tour and given agency in the creative process, and connected with other eco-conscious members of the community.

There is just something so unique about shows like this. So personal, so moving. However you want to label it, hippies, Burners, heady kids, whatever. There is something tangible that emanates from a crowd like this. Whether if it's positive energy and excitement or something unheard of and hard to place your finger on. Everywhere you look people are smiling, helping one another, spinning poi, or dancing their asses off.

Desert Dwellers perpetuate this visceral emotion that is inside of us all. What we have to do is open up to it and let the music take over. This is exactly what everyone in that room did. Dropped all there insecurities and let loose. Something electric happens when a room filled with individuals all participating and experiencing the same thing, it was quite extraordinary.

Eve OlutionKalya Scintilla is nothing like I've ever experienced live. Growing, morphing, raw, organic, flowing energy out of the sound system. It doesn't matter how you dance to this music. Strip away all your inhibitions and let the music take control. Feeling the vibrations come out of the speakers is something you can only experience live. The vibe crossed with the message conveyed by Eve Olution generated an overwhelming sense of unity.

For this small moment in time, we are all one. We forget about all our troubles, our bills, our ex's and just concentrate on the NOW. It's remarkable and highly recommended to everyone. Go check out this tour! It's well worth every penny.

Earth Heart tour dates
November 20 - Arcata Theater Lounge - Arcata, CA - RSVP - TIX
November 21 - Zodiacs - Petaluma, CA - RSVP - TIX

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