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Favorite ThisDark City Agent takes on DYNOHUNTER 'Cadence' for The Nomad Remixed

Published: July 21, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

One of our favorite livetronica acts, the three-headed, Boulder-based monster DYNOHUNTER, is on the verge of releasing The Nomad: Remixed, a volume dedicated to its latest high-powered full-length. The album's grinding grooves have found their way into the caring hands of several of the band's colleagues over the past few months, and today, we bring you a brand new banger.

Boston's Dark City Agent is more than deserving of Dynohunter's trust. The duo of Robert DelPetre and Michael McCarthy has this throwback, 80's darkwave edge that has piqued our interest. Turning in plenty of Blade Runner and Tron flavored remixes and originals, which mimic that gritty, dystopian malaise, we have become huge fans of the pair's wildly innovative style. "Cadence" gets a snarling, brooding makeover with a pounding drum and bass line reminiscent of The M Machine's moodier fare. Furthermore, Clark Smith's sax is pushed and pulled until a maniacal scream is emitted, taking the track to new heights.

We're eagerly anticipating new contributions to The Nomad remix series, and will keep all of our fans posted about its details.

Tags: ElectroHouseLivetronica