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Favorite ThisConspirator & Paper Diamond / The National (Richmond, VA) / 11-23-2012

Published: December 24, 2012
By: Patrick Maguire

Local Richmond concert promoter EQ Produktions celebrated their four-year anniversary in style with the unification of Paper Diamond and Conspirator. This event was an addition to each artist’s original tour schedule, so Richmond was thrilled to partake in such an enjoyable evening—and what a fun-filled night it turned out to be. Although it was not a sold out performance, the crowd wascaptivated with the performance which truly highlightedthe spirit of the Richmond EDM Scene.

Alex B, former Pnuma Trio member,has been electrifying the festival scene with his solo project Paper Diamond. Paper Diamond imparted upon the crowd an energetic boost with his performance setting the crowd ablaze.  During his set Paper Diamond threw down a glitchy version of “Problematic” that reverberated through the venue with a plethora of bass. Paper Diamond left the crowd wanting more of his manic,delirium-inducing dance music before allowing Conspirator to take the stage.

After what has appeared to be a year of non-stop touring for Conspirator they have recruited KJ Sawka, former drummer of Pendulum, as a stable component to the band. Into their set, Conspirator commanded the crowd to riot with a perpetually smooth yet dynamic rendition of their electro track “Gypsy Lane.” Conspirator slowed down the tempo for the intro to “Velvet Red,” before diving in headfirst with an array of power driven conscious-expanding bass. The lights illuminated the band at the climax of this selection,pushing enthusiasm to an all-time high. Conspirator’s selection in tracks was sensible in allowing a divergence of genres to unite. Currently Conspirator is taking a break from touring, due in part to Aron and Marc schedules with the Disco Biscuits for New Year’s and Bisco Inferno. Conspirator will reunite in February to headline AURA Music and Arts Festival.

As Paper Diamond took back the stage the crowd showed no indication of slowing down. Throughout the duration of Paper Diamond’s set his musical selection was on point.  “40 thieves” streamed a revolving beat of euphoria upon the mob of Richmond EDM fanatics. Paper Diamond continually hyped the gatherings of fansbefore hitting the pinnacle of the show where the crowd could be heard chanting on Paper Diamond and swaying in unison. The excitement in the air was extremely infectious. Although Paper Diamond did not have his Night Vision stage set up at this particular performance the ridiculous crowds anticsdiverted attention to the celebration that was at hand. Paper Diamond is scheduled for a New Year’s Eve bash in Portland, Oregon.

EQ Produktions’ four year anniversary celebration was a gratifying Black Friday festivity. The genuine alliance of a diversity of individuals allowed for an upbeat yet mellowrager. Although this was the only show that featured the union of Paper Diamond and Conspirator on each of their individual tour schedules they complemented each other’s sound well and allowed for a kick ass evening at The National.

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