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Favorite ThisCatching up with Au5: House Party EP & Metronic

Published: August 21, 2013
By: Jacki Horne & Scotty Fuller

Sometimes tracks slip through the cracks. The treal tragedy is when those tracks come from one of our favorite young producers, and one of the hottest artists on the charts today. Austin Collins recently put out two wildly different EPs. One, a free pair of jazzy cuts, and the other a hard-hitting single with a dominating trifecta of remixes. Your only decision is which flavor of Au5 is right for you. Or you can love them both. We do!

Austin Collins, known as Au5 on the EDM scene, is throwing a downloadable 'house party' to celebrate reaching 10K Facebook fans this week. Au5’s idea of a party is gifting fans a free release of the apt House Party EP, as he had promised to do once he met the 10K fan mark. If you’re a disco junky, house fanatic this EP is for you.
The House Party EP consists of two discolicious tracks. The two smooth house style tunes carry an 80’s disco vibe with a new age funkadelic twist. The title track is a carefree, simple track that’s perfect for boogying the night away. It may even give you a desire to fro your hair out and brush off your roller skates. “Night Sky” is energetically soothing with a creative funky jazz addition to the house vibe. It’s basically classic house style with the occasional whomp treat thrown in.

Au5 is so fucking nasty he probably has to shower five times a day. His new track “Metronic” is absolutely bonkers. He only gives you about 10 seconds of “calm before the storm” before he starts throwing in some filthy drum work to build up to the dark, wrathful bass-drop that erupts on the track like a volcano over a small village. The rowdiness of this banger cannot properly be described in words. Put this track in a coffin cause Austin Collins just murdered it. Remixes from Fractal, Dead Robot, and Frequent are just icing on the... coffin. Sorry, mixed some metaphors there. But you get it.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstep