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Favorite ThisBonobo's Migration takes us inward.

Published: January 14, 2017

By: Bo Nuanual 

BonoboThe new Bonobo album, Migration, is a modern day auditory fairy-tale transporting the planetary collective up the evolutionary ladder to face higher planes of existence. The Untz isn’t particularly in the business of bestowing sainthood; however, if we were, Los Angeles-based British musician and producer Simon Green would be our first official canonization.

The 12-track LP released by Ninja Tune, is nothing short of a miracle. The album has a notable and distinguished chill out affect upon it’s audiences—transforming even the most calloused, wound-up, perplexed, and downtrodden individuals into the pure energy of radiant and chilled out lotus flowers with the lightness and playfulness of drifting incense smoke upon soft winds. It’s only been out for 24 hours and has already touched thousands upon thousands of lives and—our bet is—it will continue to innoculate the speakers of many more individuals whom may be working through the endless and non-linear escalators of self-growth, on fierce paths towards actualizing their infinite potential, or maybe those individuals whom intentionally find themselves within one of the many magical dance halls this spring during the highly anticipated four month Migration live tour beginning February 15.

The title track, “Migration,” is carried by a soft and delicate piano track. Press play on track one, take a shower, clean and worship your body. Zone out and embrace nothingness or maybe reflect on an impending task at hand. This song functions as a grounding wire; keeping all the constantly vibrating subatomic particles that constitute your physical body from exploding and catapulting out into space from every possible direction.

“Break Apart” featuring Rhye, was released last month and although I’m personally responsible for at least a few thousand plays on the counter over the past 30 days, I just can’t get sick of it. I don’t think its possible to play out this song. The song culminates into a breaking avalanche of emotions built and made possible by a lyrical snowfall that precipitates throughout the song. The lyrics and the emotions invoked by them suggests a romantic yet rational hindsight perspective on how your passions may have led you away from a path you wish you could have taken.

Track three, “Outlier,” captivates me. The rhythm is magic which gives you the ability to fly above the timeline of your own life like a train upon the clouds. Here, Simon Green orchestrates lo-fi scenes from your past, your present, and your future with “Outlier.”

Drink a cup of tea and stare off into a cityscape or landscape with “Grains.” But, be prepared for a change of tone. “Second Sun” presents a guitar lullaby with interrupting chimes and a heavier feel with bass guitar around 1:50. Then, when the violin harmonies show up within the piece, follow the majestic sounds away from solitude and towards another’s embrace.

Surface” featuring Nicole Miglis starts with a fresh and modern industrial rhythm but, those lyrics are just mind-blowing. Miglis of Hundred Waters has the vocal creativity and power of Homer’s sirens. I hear this perfect song and I can’t help but to follow it to the source, even if it leads me to the rocks. This one is a definite favorite.

BonoboTrip-hop meets Moroccan Ganda influences with track seven, “Bambro Koyo Ganda” featuring Inno Gnawa. I love world music and feel myself expanding and growing ever so slightly with musical knowledge when I hear a song like this. Low bass, wonderful shakes and claps, and lovely lyrics create the perfect fusion piece. Don’f forget to throw a violin interlude in there for good measure. The hypnotic steady drums trance me out to this song with West African elements.

We got one of our first tastes of the new album last November with “Kerala.” The official music video—directed by Bison and starring Gemma Arterton—is one of the coolest and trippy things to watch in January, by the way. As you listen, your body gives in to animated shaking as your soul is made aware of it’s own beauty and tries to project itself upon others. This song and the music video really remind me of “Cirrus.” Anybody else feel this way too?

Ontario” is ambient trip-hop at its finest. An abundance of low frequencies, bouncing electrons, soldiering melodies, and a heaping side of horn section puts powerful introspective forces into overdrive with this one.

Track ten distinguishes and defines itself from the rest of the album through powerful masculine vocals. “No Reason” has an ethereal start, runs on appropriate electronic arpeggios, and perpetuates with the vocals of Australia’s Nick Murphy, formerly known by his stage name, Chet Faker.

7th Sevens” keeps lovely time in this visionary track. There really is nothing like this track out there at the moment. As unique as time is kept in, “7th Sevens,” soul is really let out to run loose in the closing track, “Figures.” The closing track is the most soulful production on the album and its slow, feel-good nature makes for a pleasant ending of this amazing gift from Green.

Bonobo’s upcoming Migration Live Tour is bound to selling out in both Europe as well as North America which is why we urge you to go ahead and snag some tickets while you still have a chance and before you are forced to face certain terrors and pay torturous fees through third-party scalpers. Enjoy this album, as I have been all night, by reflecting inward and letting Bonobo guide you through yourself. This album is the soundtrack to the greatest expedition you have ever been apart of—the adventure of knowing yourself. See you on the dance floor this spring.

15: HAMBURG, DE - Docks
16: BERLIN, DE - Columbiahalle
17: COLOGNE, DE - Live Music Hall
18: FRANKFURT, DE - Batschkapp
20: AMSTERDAM,NL - Paradiso
21: GRONINGEN, NL - Oosterpoort
22: UTRECHT, NL - TivoliVredenburg
25: LONDON, UK - O2 Academy Brixton
27: DUBLIN, IE - Vicar St.

01: LEEDS, UK - O2
02: MANCHESTER, UK - Apollo
03: GATESHEAD, UK - Sage
04: BEXHILL, UK - De La Warr Pavilion
08: PARIS, FR - Olympia
09: STRASBOURG, FR - La Laiterie
10: LYON, FR - Transbordeur
12: ZURICH, CH - Volkshaus
13: MILAN, IT - Fabrique
15: BARCELONA, ES - Razzmatazz
16: MADRID, ES - La Riviera

24: TORONTO, ON - Danforth Music Hall
25: MONTREAL, QC - Metropolis
26: BOSTON, MA - House Of Blues
28: NEW YORK, NY - Terminal 5
29: PHILADELPHIA, PA - Electric Factory

01: WASHINGTON, DC - 9:30 Club
02: RICHMOND, VA - The National
03: ASHEVILLE, NC - Orange Peel
11: ASPEN, CO - Belly Up
12: DENVER, CO - Red Rocks
13: LAWRENCE, KS - Granada Theater
15: COLUMBIA, MO - Blue Note
16: ST LOUIS, MO - Ready Room
18: CHICAGO, IL - Concord
19: MILWAUKEE, WI - Turner Hall
20: MADISON, WI - Orpheum
21: MINNEAPOLIS, MN - First Avenue
25: VANCOUVER, BC - Commodore

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