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Published: May 14, 2013

By: Jordan Calvano

Trends are a son of a bitch aren’t they? They’re completely unavoidable, and even if you attempt to hide under a rock for a while, they will find you. Trap music found all of us this past year, whether we’d like to admit it or not. You might be the kid at the party that turns on that 808-slappin’ tune and screams “Real trap shit,” or the hipster homie in the corner sippin’ a PBR who says “Hmph, I heard this months ago, and I’m not a fan.” Either way, you’re at the party, and you’ve been enTRAPped. This list compiles the top ten trap artists defining the nascent genre and mixes them with bad puns and weird references you probably won’t get. Enjoy!

10. Bro Safari
Bro Safari - Best Trap Artists - Top 10
With a name like Bro Safari, some conflicting images spring to mind. Are the boys of SAE going on a drunken adventure through campus tonight, or are they in fact the ones getting “safari’d” on. Nevertheless, this Texas-based producer is brewing up an unstoppable storm with each thump-laden anthem he unleashes, garnering support from world-class performers.

9. heRobust
heRobust - Best Trap Artists - Top 10
The music of heRobust is sturdy, strong, vigorous, and tough. Excuse us while we copy the definition of “robust” straight from Wiktionary. His innovative and entirely fresh take on trap muzik is undeniably catchy, coalescing melodic dance elements with facets of the city he calls home: ATL, bitch! This isn’t your run of the mill producer; this is a man looking to continually eliminate all barriers and obstacles.

8. Luminox
Luminox - Best Trap Artists - Top 10
Luminox is high up there on a list of producers to keep an eye on, or should we say “watch.” All puns very much intended. This badman producer continues to prove himself an unstoppable force in the trap game, relentlessly unveiling floor-rattling bangers without sacrificing an ounce of attention to detail. And that’s exactly how it should be.

7. Antiserum & Mayhem
Antiserum & Mayhem - Best Trap Artists - Top 10
Antiserum & Mayhem used to be all about the filthiest dubstep drops, and while they continue to dabble in numerous genres, the bulk of their attention has now been shifted towards pulsing 808’s. Bob Dylan wasn’t kidding when he said “The Times They Are a-Changin,” but we can only assume he wasn’t talking about trap. Get “Trippy,” and forget about all else.

6. ƱZ
ƱZ - Best Trap Artists - Top 10
People in the music industry love a good mystery. No, not like the mysteries solved by Nancy Drew, more like the buzz generated by a hidden identity. Flying Lotus proved this was undoubtedly true with his famed Captain Murphy stunt, keeping his secret safe until eventually revealing himself on stage. Although ƱZ hasn’t admitted who he is yet, there’s one thing we know for sure: no one seems to care anymore, because his jaw-dropping anthems speak for themselves.

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