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Favorite ThisBest Progressive House Songs of 2012 - Top 10 Tracks

Published: December 27, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Progressive house is all about anthemic build-ups, soaring vocals, and the ability to escape from reality, if only for a moment. These jaw-dropping tracks capture your most personal emotions, and take you on a passionate journey through the past, present, and even the future. The genre tends to mesh those awe-inspiring lyrics most often heard in trance with fist pumping house drops, resulting in unrelenting nostalgia throughout.

10. Project 46 - Feel The Fire (Original Mix)
project 46 - Best Progressive House Songs of 2012
“Feel The Fire” possesses the shell-shocking ability to inject listeners with melancholy, heartbreak, and pure bliss at the same time. Haunting vocals stating “If you gotta feel the fire just to know your alive, let me take you higher, breathe it live it tonight” set the tone for the track, while inhibiting anxieties from bringing you down.

9. Pryda – Allein
pryda eric prydz - Best Progressive House Songs of 2012
Whether he’s producing under Pryda, Eric Pyrdz, Cirez D, or one of his many other monikers, it’s safe to say this Swede is an absolute legend. Prydz has a knack for producing tantalizing gems, and his efforts in 2012 were no different. He even conquered his troublesome fear of flying recently, and blazed across the states with a fresh batch of uplifting tunes like this one.

8. NERVO & Hook N Sling – Reason
nervo and hook n sling - Best Progressive House Songs of 2012
The ladies of NERVO have a key trifecta going for them. They can produce, they can sing, and we can’t help but notice how gorgeous they are. This thunderous tune will have you belting out those catchy lyrics, throwing your hands in the air, and tossing your cares to the wind.

7. Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child
swedish house mafia - Best Progressive House Songs of 2012
They came, they raved, they loved, and the world will never forget. Swedish House Mafia breaking up was a low moment for house lovers in 2012, but this nostalgic anthem helped ease the pain. John Martin once again provided his unmistakable vocals, and helped establish “Don’t You Worry Child” as an instant classic.

6. Morgan Page - Carry Me feat. Nadia Ali
morgan page feat nadia ali - Best Progressive House Songs of 2012
Morgan Page has cultivated a stunning style of prog house that strays from cliff-hanging builds and momentous drops, yet still captures your undivided attention. Steady synths and electrifying vocals from Nadia Ali gracefully mesh together, creating a peaceful tune that doesn’t attempt to overwhelm or do too much, but still manages to take your breathe away.


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