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Favorite ThisBellhop debuts 'Say Something' from Antumbral Shadow compilation

Published: August 7, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

With the total solar eclipse stretching from coast-to-coast two weeks from today, many in the psychedelic festival scenes have an eye on this rare astromical event, which dominates the calendar this month. Fans from around the world will be descending upon events from coast-to-coast in America devoted to this wild happening, many of whom are poised to join the celebration at Global Eclipse Gathering in southern Oregon from August 17-23.

Among those both performing and anticipating the sold out gathering are pioneering downtemple dub duo Desert Dwellers, who in one week (August 14) release a towering 25-track compilation, Antumbral Shadow, featuring such luminaries as CloZee & LuSiD, AtYyA, Kaminanda, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Mystral, and many more on their own Desert Trax label.

BellhopOne of the stand out tracks from the compilation comes courtesy of Andrew Schiavone a.k.a. Andrew Kroma of Terrakroma, who has been producing and performing as Bellhop. Where Terrakroma is a longstanding collective devoted to all things progressive and psychedelic, the solo project is much more of a mish-mash of anything fun, from breaks and bass to tech house and circus music. Today we premiere “Say Something,” which is a delightful uptempo romp through a myriad of sounds and styles that'll make you smile.

Fans will be able to hear tunes from Entheogenic, Luke Mandala, Liquid Bloom + Numatik, Moon Frog, Nanda, and more in just one week when the digital version of Antumbral Shadow is released in the US, and will of course be able to catch Desert Dwellers, Terrakroma, and many of these artists at the Global Eclipse Gathering—a truly once-in-a-lifetime event.

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