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Favorite ThisBassnectar Slideshow + Review / The Pageant (St. Louis, MO) / Sept 28-29, 2013

Published: October 23, 2013
By: Cody Pierce

When it comes to electronic music we have seen so much growth and expansion over the years that it has almost created a dividing line between some. With so many different sub genres emerging and gaining followers many have adopted one as their go-to niche in music. Whether it’s team twerk blasting the latest trap sound, or house heads letting that new banger track bounce through the air, or the trance fiends letting their melodies and inspiring lyrics fill the room everyone has their favorite sub genre as well as one they typically hate on with the fury of an army of Mountain Dew-swilling, Cheetos dust-inhaling trolls.
The one thing I have found true is that almost no person or group I have come in contact with has disliked one artist. Now this is most certainly true for many artists but when I think back I can never recall anyone saying a cross word of this man—he has always been an artist everyone could agree on. This man has voiced his opinion in politics, drug use, music and any other outlet his mind ventures across. He is associated with some of the biggest tracks and mixtapes to hit dance music, he has sold out tours, headlined festivals, and blown minds in a full 360 degree spin. I’m talking about Lorin Ashton, but you may know him as Bassnectar.
Now we all know and love Bassnectar and it would be easy for me to sit here and tell you about his history of Lorin dating back to the mid 90’s up to his hits with Mesmerizing The Ultra to his new Immersive Mixtape, and all the fantastic tunes along the way but that’s not what I’m going to do. Instead let’s take a trip, a journey if you will and lets see how deep the rabbit hole goes as I travel to St. Louis as Bassnectar sets up for a back to back two day weekend at The Pageant with friends KOAN SOUND, AMP Live, and Andreilien! So come with me, take my hand, and follow me on this massive adventure of lights, good times, sweat, fans, friends, and BASS!
Day 1
After driving for 6 hours in the pouring rain I finally made it to St. Louis. I quickly checked into my hotel, readied my equipment and headed to the venue. This being the first event I had ever attended at The Pageant it took me some time to find parking. Driving around the block looking for a location it really began to set in how many bassheads had arrived and were awaiting the night in front of them. I had to park down the street looking at every space taken by a car, truck, or SUV with everything from stickers, decals, window paint, flags, and everything else dedicating their allegiance to bass even noticing one vehicle with BASS or BUST colorfully written in their rear glass. After locating a suitable spot I equipped my camera and began my walk to the venue. I arrived an quickly noted the layout for the evening in this massive venue and began making my way around. There were two levels, but one dedicated to 21 and up only. The upper balcony was restricted to help monitor alcohol flow and any patrons who had an alcoholic drink upstairs and traveled down was asked to poor it out or finish it before the continued into the all ages area. I continued to walk around and condition my eyes and camera to the area as KOAN Sound played massive tracks keeping the crowd going. Before I knew it a bright light lit the area behind the stage with an all too familiar image, The Bassflower!
Lorin approached the stage and wasted no time as he got right into the mix. The area literally shook as massive speakers pounding deep drums and intense bass lines. You could hear the focus he put into the mix playing most of his new material from the Immersive Music Mixtape but not forgetting the tracks that so many of his fans know and love. Playing hit like the matrix while letting his visualizer run wild with the dojo scene from the first matrix film. Fans stood mouth agape staring in disbelief at this wondrous sight.  As the Dolby digital sound check played fans erupted in screams and an uproar unlike anything I had ever heard before. Totems shook in the air up and down, fans dancing as if it were the last actions they would ever perform, security guards losing their composure unable to stand still as the beat surrounded them, people shedding clothes as they were drenched in sweat, and it was at this point I noticed a strange sound and flashing light which I found to be the fire alarm going off.

I was later told the alarm had sounded due to the immense sound in the venue. Bassnectar had rocked the venue so hard that the alarm faulted and went off, fans so enthralled in the sound and the movement many had not even noticed. Fans were sure to notice though the hard work of the amBASSadors, whether it was their hard work to make sure everyone was safe and plenty hydrated, or even their dedication to the show releasing balloons into the crowd making everyone go bonkers. As the night came close to end Lorin led into a massive build and as the bass dropped with it came confetti decorating the event like a celebration as massive as the music to the point you could see nothing but the rain of decorative colored paper. Bassnectar concluded his set, thanking his crew, the venue, the other artists and of course the fans, but that wasn’t all as he humbly took the time to come out sign some autographs and take pictures with fans. With my ears ringing and smile on my face it was time to call it a night.
Day 2
After a good nights rest, and a relaxing day in St. Louis, the night approached and I readied myself for a second dose of bass in my face. When I entered I made it a point to watch for differences in the night. I knew that many people were much like myself and had attended last night so how would the evening change, how would Lorin work to keep things fresh for a second nigh. Bassnectar did not disappoint as he took the opportunity to play some of the tracks from the Immersive mixtape missed from the previous night but what really won the crowd night two was it felt like a Bassnectar best of tour playing tracks like “Basshead,” and “Wildstyle Method!” The crowd sang along and went absolutely bananas! To see the passion gleam from others as the huddled with their friends and let their voice roar with the lyrics of these massive tracks. Hearing people close to me grab complete strangers in a fit of happiness as Bassnectar let loose with their favorite song. It was truly uplifting to see the amBASSadors with more crew members who had volunteered after attending the night before and being so inspired that they wanted to pay it forward and offer back to their fellow basshead as the night went on.

Huge songs continued to rattle the stands and pulse through the air causing and evocation of every known emotion through the broad spectrum of each individual in the room. There was not a single body not in motion as strangers became friends, friends became closer, love sparked between couples, and new relationships formed. Fans had gathered from far and wide to share the night together and to embrace the magic of the music. The magic of this weekend made all worries and woes wash away and for that moment we were no longer single people but a massive community there to dance the night away and party like animals!

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