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Favorite ThisAudiowrx contributes 'Clockwrx' to Firepower Records Flatline Vol 2

Published: August 19, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

One thing you can say about Datsik's Firewpower Records, the team is always researching, refining, and reinventing its high-caliber stable of talent. Always on the prowl for what's next in the subsonic realm, the crew has developed a scouting report for bass junkies in the form of its Flatline series. The newcomers on Flatline Vol 2 include Vyill, Ponicz, Dr. Ozi, and west coast bass trio Audiowrx.

The threesome is comprise of two Cali residents and one Canadian from BC. While much of the west coast sound has been dominated by funky breaks, "Clockwrx" opens with some all-out four-on-the-floor electro before descending into a thrilling, chainsaw drop with plenty of frequency-shifting action that really opens up the floodgates for heavy. The house creeps in again during the breakdown, but only to set up listeners for the drumstep onslaught. Biddy, Dymanic, and Generic really make a statement with this breakout selection.

Pre-order Flatline Vol 2 ahead of its August 28th release to ensure you're on top of the bass game.

Tags: DubstepElectroHouse