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Favorite ThisArt Outside Pre-party Kaminanda & Skytree / The Parish (Austin, TX) / October 10, 2013

Published: October 18, 2013
By: Jacki Horne

Kaminanda, Skytree and a plethora of live visual artists brought the mystical vibe of Art Outside to the Parish last Thursday. The official pre-party was a unique treat for the ears and eyes as deep bass whomped off the walls and aesthetic art instillations were painted live. The night’s festivities were the proper way to kick off the madness that will take place at Apache Pass this weekend during Art Outside.
Although Kaminanda and Skytree are not on the main Art Outside lineup, both of their sets were an accurate reflection of the exotic, mystical and whompy vibe the annual festival has become notorious for since its birth is 2005. With an expanded lineup, the once primarily local/regional festival will be enjoying its biggest bill and largest crowds bringing festivalgoers from around the country--and the world--to Rockdale, TX, just outside Austin.

The music of Kaminanda and Sky Tree both mirror an exploration of consciousness and creativity, just as Art Outside does. The pair were in the midst of their fall mini-run, and fans of both were excited to see their return to the live music capital of the world.
Skytree’s set kicked the evening off right with down-tempo beats and vivid sound manipulation. Skytree, aka Evan Snyder, created an earthy, resonating sound that radiated sensual, shamanic energy during his opening set. The deeply organic sound Snyder is able to achieve is in no small part due to the rich blend of instrumentations that find their way into his soundscapes.

Kaminanda’s set was filled with kaleidoscopic vibrating bass and a tantric tempo. He got the crowd to dance the night away to his shamanic dub and smooth, crystalline sound. The most enjoyable part of Kaminanda’s set was how diverse it was, a perfect balance was embodied: from new age, psychedelic melody, to remixed classics like the Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street.” His exotic performance came complete with gorgeous belly dancers performing simultaneously on stage.
In addition to stimulating performances, the official Art Outside mural was painted on-stage by a collective of artists. Several of the visual artists and performers from the pre-party will also be at Art Outside at Apache Pass this weekend. If you haven’t gotten to participate in the magic of Art Outside yet, you are seriously missing out.
This year’s performers include Bluetech, The Polish Ambassador, NiT GRiT, Bird of Prey,  Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, and a whole host of impressive acts. With an emphasis on art and performance culture, attendees will have plenty of sights, sounds, and tastes to thrill the senses and open the mind.

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