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Favorite ThisArkiteQt: Cubix [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: April 25, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Steve Primo is a pioneer. No, not with the buckle on the hat and the searching for religious and political freedom--you're thinking of pilgrims. I'm talking about pioneers, people who set off on covered wagons looking for unexplored terrain to conquer and start life anew. Except trade the covered wagon and the typhoid for an 808 and Ableton.

ArkiteQt is attempting to blend the worlds of trap and glitch-hop. Where the spaces lie in the stripped back, hip-hop influenced genre, Primo stuffs those full of fills, synths, and blaring bass progressions. Of course, there's the requisite pitched up and down snare roll-offs and the hallmark of trap: the anti-drop, but there's so much more in ArkiteQt's compositions. This hybrid is a land worth exploring, and Primo has planted his flag.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepElectroGlitch