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Favorite ThisAfroMonk's Top 5 in 2010

Published: December 22, 2010


By: AfroMonk (

Top 5 Best Releases
1. Sugarpill, Stephan Jacobs, & Naada - Level Attack
2. NastyNasty - Puke Paint
3. Emancipator - Safe in the Steep Cliff
4. Mimosa - Your Love
5. Kito - Kito EP

Alright here is my final verdict for 2010. There isn't without a doubt in my mind that Level Attack is THE BEST of 2010. NastyNasty's emotion and raw energy take number 2 with Puke Paint. There isn't a time that I can't put it on and not feel good. Next up is one of the most listened to albums for me, Emancipator's Safe in the Steep Cliff. What a gorgeous release that was. Truly a timeless set of songs put together in my opinion. Mimosa is by far one of my favorite producers and can't tell you how impressed I was by the Your Love release. It seems like there isn't a set I play since that release has come out that haven't played Your Love. Kito might be a surprise but I feel like it needed to be mentioned. The production and sexy vibes that theEP sends resonates in all of these tracks. Despite waiting almost a year for a final release it goes down as one of the best dubstep releases for 2010.

Top 5 Best Songs
1. Sugarpill, Stephan Jacobs, & Naada - Level Attack

2. The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (4centers Remix)

3. Freddy Todd - Blowing Good (Mochipet Remix)

4. The XX - Infinity (MartyParty Remix)

5. Ludacris - Get Low (Yoseph Remix)

It took awhile to pick out what tracks I thought were the best. I eventually thought to myself which tracks did I play over and over yet never got old or never thought to myself nah let me just remove it from my set because they were played out too much. I can't tell you enough how many times I've heard Level Attack already and every time it just gives me that feeling. The Eleanor Rigby tune is probably one of the hottest tracks of the year easily. Blowing Good erupts with pure sexy bass sauce like no other. MartyParty's Infinity remix is a song that will never get old for me no matter how many times I hear it played by anyone. Instant classic. Yoseph might be not as known but wow what a remix. Considering the abundance of Get Low remixes I never felt like others came close to his and knew it'd always blow a crowd up.

Top 5 Underrated Releases
1. Gladkill - Ghostwork
2. +verb - Sensual Frequencies
3. Archnemesis - Diamonds & Glass
4. Sovereign Sect - Fourtunate
5. Ben Samples - Snowstorm

Alright these releases have to be the best releases but feel like didn't get the proper amount of coverage that they should of gotten. Gladkill, +verb, Archnemesis, & Sovereign Sect all put together some of the best releases in 2010 but may not have the name that they should have. Ben Samples is an animal and rare breed but I feel like Snowstorm was such a monumental release for the year and set the tone for a lot of people out there. If you haven't checked out any of these releases I can't tell you enough how ground breaking they were for the music community.

Top 5 New Producers
1. +verb
2. Elfkowitz
3. De novo creation
4. Protohype
4. Billy Blacklight

Alright this was probably the hardest to chose because there has been such an influx of talent in the past year. The music community continues to grow and bring to life so many talented producers. I ended up going with people I talk to on a daily basis and have seen mature so much when comes to their sound. +verb is just on top of it right now and can't thank Dominic enough for being such a great soul. Elfkowitz I spent a week-end with and he's just on this whole different tip and about to blow everyone away with some deep sexy stuff. De Novo Creation has evolved so much over this year. You can just hear the details build as every track comes out. Protohype needs
to get some serious recognition. These two are absolutely blowing up and if you want some serious hype stuff these guys are my go to for 2010. Billy Blacklight showed up out of nowhere it seems and has shown that he has some serious skills. I can't wait to see how his sound develops because he's going to be the next big thing at the rate he going. Honorable mentions that I have to put out there is good friends Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity. They deserve to be mentioned and know that 2011 will be their year to truly shine.

Top 5 Events
1. Lightning in a Bottle
2. Decibel Festival
3. ill-esha My 25th Birthday
4. Slippery WMC
5. CocoRosie in Boston

This past year has been wild and was my first experience going to festivals and even camping for the first time. Lightning in a Bottle completely changed my life. I fly out to LA and met up with Sugarpill and the whole Bwomp camp Shilo setup. It changed my life entirely. Richard Sweat and his amazing girlfriend had setup a tent for me and all. Decibel was absolutely amazing this year with allstar line ups everywhere! The rest of the shows were personal favorites of mine. I got to spend week-end with ill-esha for my 25th and if anyone caught her on tour recently its just absolutely amazing seeing her preform! WMC I threw the first event I've ever done and featured the first full on glitch-hop event for WMC ever probably. Mochi, F2D, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Siren, Pressha, and many more killed it! The last show was special since CocoRosie has such a special place in my heart. If you ever want to hear something different yet so creatively beautiful go listen to CocoRosie!

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