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Favorite ThisAdventure Club, DVBBS, DallasK review + slideshow / The Crofoot (Pontiac, MI) / Dec 14, 2013

Published: December 20, 2013
Story by: Bradley Lucas
Photos by: Cody Kulaszewski

Last Saturday (Dec 14th) a blustery wind shot through downtown Pontiac, MI, but but the chill was not enough to stop the hundreds of fans of Adventure Club from attending the Crofoot Ballroom. This sold out show was so densely packed with people it was almost impossible to move between the front and back of the venue. There was a variety of styles of electronic music in attendance: from dubstep to trap to electro-house.  

Hunter Siegel took the stage first, warming up the shivering crowd with his sick drops and intense bass lines. The show was slow to take off, due to fans arriving at the venue late because of the snow and ice covered roads of Pontiac.

Up next was the electro-house superstar DallasK, who hyped up the crowd even more than Hunter Siegel. The fast-paced beats and hard-hitting bass of his track “Heaven” made the crowd go wild. Right as his set was ending, he introduced the long-haired, crazy trap duo known as DVBBS.

DVBBS killed it, to put it simply. The hour-and-a-half set they threw down was incredibly loud and extremely filthy. The bass could even be felt outside! “This is insane.. I’ve never heard anything like it!” said one trap-lover at the show. Trap song after trap song put the crowd almost over the edge of excitement for the last remaining artist. It was time for Adventure Club to shine.

The Canadian duo of  Christian Srigley and Leighton James brought the house down with their world-famous tracks “Youth” and “Crave You”. They even mixed in other artists’ music such as "Eyes on Fire" by Zed’s Dead. Adventure Club was by far the best act of the night, with the intense strobes and the loudest songs.

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