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To recording artist Farris Nazzal, electronic music is far more than just music. It is a mystical entity that brought ...

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Red Rose is a three piece live looping EDM/Instrumental house band from Madison, WI trying to share their music with ...

Redeye Logo
I'm 21 and I live in Houston. I was born in Woodland, CA near Sacramento, and have been a musician for 10 years. I play ...

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Redox is an NYC based producer and DJ. Mixing different genres and feels to give a sound all his own. Capable of ...

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Inspired by the spirits of the redwood trees...Redwood Resonance takes you on a journey into mysterious forests filled ...

regime Logo
Artist/ producer from Cincinnati.

Resonant Frequency Logo
Resonant Frequency is a band of Electro-Soul and Future-Funk Producers Diamond Cuts, Lando, And Local Color. After ...

Reuphy Logo
Electro/Dubstep/dnb producer/dj also part of duo Grim Trigger

Reuphy Logo
Electro/Dubstep/dnb producer/dj also part of duo Grim Trigger

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hi i am here

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It’s all too easy to endlessly list Richard Dinsdale’s accomplishments. It’s all too easy to wax lyrical about ...

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Deep House, House DJ Producer from Manchester, UK

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Hi my name is Richard and I DJ sometimes.

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Grammy nominated remixer/ producer Richard Vission rocks dance floors around the world with his recent remixes of ...

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I am an employee of the company validcbdoil. The CBD hemp oil is an indispensable aid today. It is used to support ...

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Richie Panic is San Francisco’s most beloved and accomplished DJ.  He’s established himself as the barometer for ...