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Chill Mofo from south florida, into creative audio and electronic music is my life...

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I have been making music most of my life. I first started out with the electronic guitar, then the electronic bass, ...

One half of the Dj duo the House Kats, Dj Super Paul aka Mr. Tec-no is a Producer turned DJ from Omaha, NE.

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Artist/DJ originally from New York started making Techno in the 90,s then on to house and other electronic music ...

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I'm just a small town 21 year old "kid" who loves music and loves to share great music with the world. I'm currently a ...

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Hi i am the DJ

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Up and coming House DJ born in Miami, Florida. After many years of attending music festivals from Miami to California I ...

Started mixing songs (on and off) since sophomore year of high school. Decided to pick up a DJ controller 3 years ago ...

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Dniel Brand today influenced by full on night tending their lives and sets the first dance and relaxed, always ...

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...the one that says 'bad motherfucker'...

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Funky Bass House producer/dj located in Denver CO. Docfunk is a crew member with the Tater Tot Gang and High Voltage ...

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self taught musician, aspiring DJ, your friendly neighborhood beat maker.

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DC Music shall rise.

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I like turtles

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Am Ezekiel Dogara Co founder Talkjamz

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I am Ezekiel Dogara founder of

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Hi! I'm Dominion! I'm 16. I've been producing for almost two year and DJing for about two and a half maybe three years. ...

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I make music. I play music. I like desserts and I love my mom.

Im a chicago land based producer been producing and writing music my whole life i produce EDM TRAP DEEP HOUSE mixing ...

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With over 15 years of promoting, DJing and music production under his belt, Don has worked in nearly every aspect of ...