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Favorite ThisZOOGMA enters New Era with latest EP, on the road now with Turbo Suit

Published: February 19, 2016

By: Sterling Martin

Zoot Suit tourLast month, Zoogma released their New Era EP, and they've kicked off their Zoot Suit Tour with Turbo Suit. We got our first taste of New Era with the band’s live performance video of the title track, “New Era.” The vintage funk aesthetic of the song showed a new side of Zoogma that previously was untapped.

Let Me Demonstrate” is another track that displays how truly diverse Zoogma can be. Obvious electronic elements and sampled voices create a fun atmosphere full of unexpected turns and surprises.

Gaining momentum, one track on the EP made me press “replay” three times on the first listen—which doesn’t happen often. Featuring the soulful Khris Royal of Rebelution, “High_5” contains the most uplifting vibes thus far in 2016. The smooth, yet raw horn accompaniment only propels the energy even farther.

As the New Era EP comes to a powerful close, “Molasses” proves that Zoogma can bring the heavy just as well as they bring the soul.

The Zoot Suit Tour continues this week as the bands head through the southeast for a series of performances. Don’t miss our coverage of the tour, coming at you soon.

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