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Favorite ThisZoo Logic ushers in a new era of the northeast jamtronica sound

Published: November 10, 2016

By: Kyle Rutherford

In the American bass music world, the opposing coasts both have fairly different styles of bass music production. While the West has a more heavy-hitting sonic palette, New Hampshire-based duo Zoo Logic is an exemplar of the East Coast scene, and their New Species EP really shows it.

Their “Intro” track is a monumental buildup into... the abyss. It’s got an extremely dark nature to it, with some amazing heavy hitting, reverbed snares the nosedive into, presumably, the rest of the album.

Isle of 1,000 Eyes” begins with some quirky, high-pitched vocals and some wave sounds samples to give it some oceanic feels. This leads into some crazy, robotic bass sounds. The glistening, light vibe of before the heavy drops really shows how well the duo can create both wonderful light and gritty sounds. It’s also amazing to hear how the group constantly changes their prominent bass sounds.

Let it be know that the duo can also name their songs pretty effectively. “Mystic Swim” begins as exactly that; mystical, with some nice arpeggiated, psychedelic soundscapes. This leads into some really classic dubstep sounds and phenomenal downtempo groove. The song progressively grows in power and distorted grittiness, and the flutes over the bass sounds give it a nice complementary touch.

Transgressor” brings us back to some of their deep bass vibrations, with some dark sounds that almost mimics the beginning of Shpongle’s “Divine Moments of Truth.” The insane low end sounds give it a nice swaying feeling to it, while some of the background vocals and echoing vocals give it even more of a Shpongle feel.

The duo brought in members of New England based funk group Harsh Armadillo to help them with their closer, “Circuit Safari.” Overall, the song is exactly what you would expect from that specific title; a combination of nice organic and electronic sounds. The song begins with some bird chirping and other animal sounds, and leads into a monumental future bass song. The synths on this one are just breathtakingly grafted, while Thomas Forbes’ bass lines are fast and funky and Camden Riley’s guitar licks gift it an epic rock n’ roll sound. Combine that with those expertly crafted electronics and you’ve got yourself an utterly amazing closer.

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