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Favorite ThisZomboy: Puttin' The Dirty in Disco

Published: May 14, 2012
By: Ty Alen

Ever since releasing his Game Time EP just last August, Zomboy (née Joshua Mellody), has been at the top of some big-name EDM charts—literally every cut hit Beatport’s top twenty at the end of last year, second only to Skrillex, himself. Ironically enough, the three-time Grammy winner just so happens to be Zomboy’s biggest influence in the genre, and many of his songs are right up to par with the best in the business.

Although he has only recently jumped into the electronic music game, Mellody had been producing with various acoustic artists and bands for years, and even played drums and bass guitar in a few metal bands of his own. It was a scholastic venture at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford in the UK, along with some encouragement from his friends, that inevitably tossed Mellody into the world of electronic music production; and fans have been frolicking in the madness ever since.

Generally uncategorized, even by his own standards, Zomboy (a name birthed from a passion for the undead) likes to let the audience define his musical style they way they see fit, and many seem to argue that it is somewhere between Skrillex, Feed Me, and Zed’s Dead. While his style certainly echoes the hyped-up, head-banging sounds of Skrillex, the extra dirty, glitch-house style of Feed Me, and of course the hauntingly nightmarish noises created by Zed’s Dead, I like to let the music define itself and that seems to be accomplished by Zomboy’s “Dirty Disco”. The only way to really describe it is as an infusion of up-tempo, melodious house and electro being torn apart and then beaten to death by some dangerously destructive bass. This seems to be a recurring theme in his music and there aren’t many out there who are disappointed.

Featured below are a few of the hits off of Game Time, his remix to Dead C.A.T. Bounce’s “Movements”, as well as a teaser for new remix to Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji’s “Pressure”. We are extremely proud to introduce Zomboy for your listening pleasure, and we hope you all enjoy the madness! Check out his Facebook page for contact info and tour dates, and before you press play, turn up that bass!

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