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Favorite ThisZedd - Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma)

Published: May 23, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
To be honest, a lot of vocals in dance music are pretty vapid. We forgive pop tarts crooning sweet nothings that mean, well, nothing, because the grooves are catchy, and we can spill our drinks and bang our heads to it just the same. But it's nice when a track comes along that seems to actually mean something. Zedd tapped the capable pipes of Matthew Koma to back the title track from his forthcoming release, Spectrum. The dance floor anthem--sadly only on display in the form of a scant 2-minute preview until its June 4 release--possesses that winning combination of addictive hooks and gutsy complextro for which the young German producer is known. No matter how wicked he gets with the bass and schizo tempo shifts, Zedd's production keeps the whole thing slick and accessible. Don't think that you won't be hearing this track all summer, it's got "hit" written all over it.