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Favorite ThisZebbler Encanti Experience - ZEEDM (Samples Remix) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: January 9, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Fans of EOTO and Shpongle have witnessed some insanely psychedelic video projection over the last few years courtesy of Peter Berdovsky and Ben Cantil--but did you know that these pixel wizards have been creating some glitched-out psy-hop as Zebbler Encanti Experience, all the while?
Two of our favorite guys in the whole world just happen to be multi-talented maestros, and on January 14th, Gravitas Recordings is dropping their new remix album, Altered Projections, a reworking of Psychic Projections, from some of their best buds in the industry. Today, we premiere Ben Samples' take on "ZEEDM," a trilled out bouncer that bobs and weaves with his signature fuzzed out synths. Huge bass blasts punctuate these punchy drums, as only Samples can program them.
Pre-order the album now for only $1, and you'll be able to snag tunes from Shwex, Bogtrotter, The Digital Connection, and more! Alter your experience, kiddos.

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