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Favorite ThisZebbler Encanti Experience & Of The Trees debut 'Let Me In'

Published: May 30, 2018

By: Jonathan Gross

ZEE Id.EntityJust in time for this weekend's Psychedelic Sleepover, two northeast acts are debuting their collaboration in advance of a psychedelic gathering that serves as the perfect setting for their tunes. Zebbler Encanti Experience releases its latest album, Id.Entity, via longtime label Gravitas Recordings on June 5. Today, we premiere ZEE's collab with Maine's Of The Trees.

Glitch wizard Encanti has been honing his trippy twerk sound for years alongside Zebbler's mind-blowing visuals, but when they add Tyler Coombs into the mix, with his straight-ahead bass technique, the combo is a feverish match of thundering bass and experimental absurdia. There are so many styles flying at the listener, from psytrance to full on midtempo booty bass, that you're always going to be back on your heels, and will probably accidentally invite a vampire into your house. The rest of the album features equally eye-popping collabs, a remix from Mr. Bill, and plenty of psychonautical exploration.

ZEE closes out Pt. 1 of its Id.Entity Tour with Moniker at Psy Sleepover this weekend, but we've been told Pt. 2 will be released alongside the album next week.

Pre-order Id.Entity from Gravitas now!

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