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Favorite ThisYheti takes on Buku's 'Laugh Track' in the most Yheti way possible.

Published: January 10, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

YhetiNo one can out-Yheti Yheti. Except maybe Yheti.

Taking an already kooky original from Buku's, Might Be EP, and rocketing it way past bizarre, Tyler Holler has once again managed to push the envelope on just what bass music is capable of doing.

Sure, music in this corner of the scene can make you bang your head, but can it make you laugh out loud, as well? Turning his sets into something bordering on performance art, each subsequent release leaves us scratching our heads and wondering just what this genius might do next.

Following up some high-profile fall and winter dates with Space Jesus as part of the LOOKOUT tour, Holler now heads into the new year with a couple of G Jones shows on the books.

Of course, what we're all looking forward to is The Untz Festival June 2-4 in Mariposa, California, where Yheti will show us just what new inventions he's got up those sleeves.

Tags: GlitchHip HopTrap