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Favorite ThisxKore - Wild to the Kore EP [PREMIERE - Firepower Records 5-19]

Published: May 18, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

One of Datsik's star contributors to his Firepower Records empire is on the verge of another monster release. The crisp sound design and production quality for which xKore has become known has propelled his tracks into superstars' sets and warranted the young Briton numerous high-caliber remix opportunities. Tomorrow, Matt Cavender returns to the Firepower fold with a thrilling new EP, Wild to the Kore.

The title track kicks open the EP with a punch to the gut. With heavy metal tenacity, "Wild to the Kore" delivers razor-sharp buzzsaws of bass in high doses, letting fans know he's not playing around. "Full Clip" is full over hip-hop swagger, demonstrating Cavender's sonic diversity. "PULL UP" is a sawed-off drum and bass deconstruction, breaking pieces of loops off with each successive drop. Wildly inventive, and utterly entertaining. The EP closes out with a trapstyle number that might be the sleeper hit of the EP. "Go Hard" does just that.

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Tags: Drum and BassDubstepTrap