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Favorite ThisXilent: Touch Sound EP Review

Published: October 30, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Xilent’s (Eryk Kowalczyk) recent EP begs listener’s to not simply hear music, but to Touch Sound on interpersonal levels. These tracks breach the normal rules of deriving musical experience from only the sense of hearing, but to engage your fingertips and literally grip soundwaves. Hell, you might even taste the lofty bass bursts residing in the air, or quiet possibly smell the passion thoroughly embedded in each drum kick.

The Scottish producer has been tearing up his respective scene this past year, with a venomous style of bass music that impeccably counterbalances meticulous melodies and raunchy sub structures. Xilent’s Ultrafunk EP showcased his invigorating style of drum & bass, but he’s back for more with an unrelenting focus on electro and dubstep.

The EP’s title track kicks open the musical floodgates, and oozes out an endless supply of melody-laden synths and sweeping snare hits. Harmoniously gentle at times, contagiously heavy at others, yet never straying far from the core feel of complete and utter emotion. Overarching female vocals aptly spice up the song’s lofty instrumentations, hauntingly stating “Touch Sound” throughout.

“Universe” gracefully layers the poignant and ethereal vocals of Shaz Spark over Xilent’s thoroughly addicting synth progressions, creating pure bliss at each corner. Undoubtedly a standout track off the release, and further solidifying Kowalczyk’s uncanny ability to stimulate his listener’s most personal emotions.

“Mass Creation” is nothing short of a dubbed-out, grime filled banger. Youthstar provides ample layers of full-throttle hip-hop lyricism, as Xilent titillates his listener’s eardrums with schizophrenic dub womps and epic drum work—perfect for getting a rowdy crowd on their feet. 

Touch Sound breaks boundaries, smashes sound barriers, and captures your attention from the very first note. Xilent steps his game up big time, and we literally can’t get enough.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstep