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Favorite ThisWormhole comp 'From Oakland to Berlin' taps Pleasure, Yheti, Shlump

Published: June 10, 2015

By: Chris Conte

From the opening note of this compilation you get sucked into the Wormhole. The illustrious beats hypnotize you as your journey begins. You are absorbed into the abnormal beats of awakening. The sojourn you take part in is perpetuated by each song. The grooves, the bass, the synths all progressing you forward. Included are eclectic tastes from across the globe.

The brains behind Wormhole Music Group have struck again with From Oakland to Berlin.

"Krampus" by Elevated Mind is one of those tunes that add more energy to the propulsion system. Its mind-bending goopyness is exactly what you want out of a tune from a group like this. Other highlights are Perkulat0r, Yheti & Spankalicious, and Pleasure. These artist are masters at circumnavigating your internal consciousness.

Listening to music from enlightened beings is a different experience all together. Layers upon layers of peculiar sounds that create this mural of something fresh. The artists, each members of the Wormhole Music Group, are the future of psychedelic dance music. They are the commanders of the consciousness military fleet.

You can grab it for free or donate to the cause, but whatever you do make sure to share it with your friends!

Grab it here:

Tags: BreaksDrum and BassElectronicaGlitchHip HopTrap