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Favorite ThisWobblesauce: What Does This Button Remix? EP Review

Published: May 17, 2012
By: Natty Morrison

In the EDM world, it’s become standard for live bands to share stages and blog streams with DJs and producers. And with so many bands taking on the persona of a DJ, it’s refreshing to hear a DJ’s take on a live band.  So it goes on the new EP from Boston livetronica jam band, Wobblesauce, What Does This Button Remix? featuring four remixes from some of the hottest up-and-comers from across the scene.  The choice of producers is deliberate, as each tune features an artist firmly planted in their own musical style.  From house to dub to electro to trance, WDTBR? is a aural sample platter of dance music.

On “Dirt Nasy,” Derek VanScoten takes the typically jazz-leaning tune for a ride through the house-o-sphere, trading in melodic riffing for fat-sounding keys and pulsing bass hits.  Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re in Chicago in 1985.  That is, until he brings the guitar back.  Then you’ll be in Chicago in ’93.  

“Gravitron” is a successful experiment in dub and woozy beats, with plenty of glitch and oh-shit-here-it-comes swells all mixed in one big well of reverb.  It also may be the only track in history to sample Emeril Lagasse, for which I will forever remember Space Jesus—not that Space Jesus is easily forgettable.  

The song, “Ice Caps,” often sounds to me like a heavy STS9 track, so it’s wise that Outlet decided to stick with the bulging power chords and high pitched synth that lead the song in its aggressive charge.  

The album’s final cut, “Not Quite Forgotten,” is a frantic electro workout by Supersillyus, featuring wet, drippy bass tones and stuttering robot vocals.  The song is a furious end to a surprising and endlessly enjoyable release from Wobblesauce and their studio associates.  As the track nears completion, Supersillyus raises the tempo and pacing to a thunderous crescendo, almost as though he wanted to feel what it felt like to be a live band.  Even though electronic music may be a whole lot of emulating, What Does This Button Remix? shows it can also be a whole lot of fun.

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