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Favorite ThisWho is †RiLL Murr∆¥?

Published: July 3, 2012

The arrival of †RiLL Murr∆¥ to the EDM world is a bit of a mystery.  Here is a producer who seemingly appeared out of nowhere less than a month ago with a BRAND NEW SoundCloud account.  But to these ears, Trill Murray is as experienced making music as his parody namesake is at making bizarre comedies.  Though a small sample size, his 3 released tracks come off polished, conceived and intelligent.  While his identity is a bit of a mystery, so is the genre "Trill" which he uses to categorize himself.
Trill = True + Real.  It’s more of an adjective or attitude than a genre of music.  Throughout hip-hop culture it is a term of endearment and respect and sometimes even carries a deeper spiritual meaning.  So, it really comes as no surprise that Trill Murray's music is chock full of those Southern hip-hop trap beats and layered with intricate ethereal melodies.
Trill has also been used in music theory dating back to the 1600's, defined as a quaver, warble or shake; a rapid succession of sounds.  His most recent track, "Ligh†$ Øu†" features a beautiful melody peppered with rapid snare hits and warbling bass that takes "Trap" music to a whole new level.  This track will have you floating through the air while simultaneously pop & locking down the block.
By choosing to be anonymous, Trill Murray has chosen to be "True + Real" in a sense.  While we may not find out his "True" identity, we have only the "Real" music itself to judge him by.
You be the judge.  Keep it TRILL!

Tags: DowntempoDrum and BassHip Hop