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Favorite ThisWhitebear & Sixis go in on psy/neuro blaster 'Shiver'

Published: August 6, 2018

By: Jonathan Gross

Whitebear x Sixis - ShiverWe've been sharing a number of high-profile Australian artists on the feed, recently. Serving up some glitch on the Staunch remix album, we're back with more from Whitebear, who has been rather prolific of late, and is hurtling towards the release of his latest album, The Odyssey, at the end of the month.

It's a dream collaboration for psybass fans who have been eagerly anticipating a Whitebear and Sixis project. Arthur Song and Ben Wyss have shared the same bill a number of times, and have appeared side-by-side on releases, but this is the first time we've heard them come together on a tune. The result is in line with the shift both artists have made from a glitch-hop sound to more of a darker psy/neuro vibe. “Shiver” is heavy, twisted, and brooding. Punchy drums punctuate fuzzed out bass artillery. Where their previous output has leaned more towards Tipper, this particular song retains the psychedelia but leans into the barrage of Kursa.

Featured by the resurgent Enig'matik Records, this is the fourth and final entry into Song's series of collabs with fellow Australia Sumiruna and Americans Mumukshu and kLL sMTH. Matik provides the otherwordly artwork.

A few Stateside Whitebear dates have come across our radar this fall, including Sacred Vibrations Festival in Michigan, UC Theatre with Desert Dwellers in the Bay Area, and Sonic Blossom in Colorado. Sixis will be performing at Outside In Equinox next month in Southern California.

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