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Favorite ThisWhen the music stops: The aftermath of the Orlando club shooting.

Published: June 12, 2016

By: Bo Nuanual

The Untz and the electronic music community extends its deepest condolences the victims and their families affected by Sunday morning’s shocking and senseless events which took place at the predominantly gay venue Pulse Night Club Orlando.

The Associated Press reported Sunday morning that a gunman entered into Pulse in Orlando, Florida around 2:00 AM killing at least 50 people and injuring a law enforcement officer. Reports vary but anywhere from 100-300 club-goers were in attendance when the tragedy unfolded. Reports indicate that around 5:00 AM SWAT entered the club in attempts to subdue the gunman and rescue hostages. SWAT exchanged fire killing the gunman and ending what the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has deemed a domestic terror Incident. The assailant was reportedly carrying an assault rifle.

We all deeply like music, we all like to dance, and we all hold ourselves to a high standard of peace, love, and acceptance for all. When shit like this happens, we find ourselves in sick shock and bitter sadness. No matter what skin color, religion, sexual orientation, and world views you may have; The Untz is all and only about acceptance and positive vibes. This type of shit bothers us and it should bother you too.

News media outlets across this country are calling Sunday morning’s events, “The Worst Mass Shooting in American History.” While this is no-doubt absolutely fucking horrible and the worse in recent history; we can not forget what American history is and look at the bigger picture. We need to question what type of country this was and what type of country we want this to be. Certainly we don't want this for ourselves and our children. When I say the media is being inaccurate in its reporting please see; Bloody Island Massacre (May 15, 1850 Clear Lake; 60 killed), Lawrence Massacre (August 21, 1863 Kansas; 185 killed), Colfax Massacre (April 3, 1873; 83 killed), and the list goes on its incredibly fucking and unfortunately long.

Lines are stretched out lovingly long - folks are in lines waiting to give blood to the survivors and the wounded. Interestingly, it's reported that although there is a federal ban on gay men donating blood, the hospital is allowing all to donate in a seemingly appropriate and warm gesture.

Let's all try to reflect on this terrible act of bullshit. The music community, America, the world, the universe, and humanity was attacked Sunday morning and its a symptom of something greater. Lets band together and fix it. We are pleading to you for peace in this wounded world in dire need of repair.