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Favorite ThisWhat? Already?? Savant releases yet ANOTHER album: Invasion

Published: January 29, 2015

By: Irina Groushevaia

Are you ready to enter the world of the unexpected? Then grab your headphones and crank Savant’s new album, Invasion.

Aleksander Vinter, the electronic music prodigy has released yet another full-length album full of surprises, highlighting his potential, skill, and attention to detail. Under an hour after its release, Invasion shot to number one on Bandcamp.

The complexity of the album is astonishing. Savant crafted a an EDM album of 8-bit, glitch, and dubstep that will set the dancefloor on fire. There's something for everyone from the gamer to the rave bunny.

Opener “Orphan” welcomes you to Savant’s 8-bit superhero vintage game, which won’t only get you shuffling, but will make you feel like saving a princess from a regal reptile. Polar opposite “Pixel Bee” showers melodic riffs onto hypnotic rhythms.

Vinter is able to create a home for different genres that he expertly merges into Invasion. In “1997,” we are taken back to the past to explore the nostalgia of EDM with a hint of modern technologies and robotic vocals. He tops off the album with his closer, “Dreamscape,” his final level boss that will have you diving for the repeat button.

Don’t sleep on the latest out-of-this-world album from the endlessly talented Savant, who keeps on reinventing EDM.

At least that's what Deadmau5 said.

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