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Favorite ThisWest coast newcomer Potions unloads 'Checkmate' on us.

Published: March 16, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

I have to admit that as knowledgable as I am about underground electronic music, I have no clue who potions is, but thankfully I've got the hook up on all things squelchy, trippy, and trappy courtesy of the Wormhole boys. The latest Wormhole Music Group release drops March 22 from the Santa Cruz, CA native. With a sound very reminiscent of another Banana Slug (that's the local college's mascot), G Jones, potions gives us a thrilling entrée to his sound.

Today's premiere is "Checkmate," which is one of the highlights from the new record, III. With a sinister, minimalist edge and a mid-to-high frequency warble that cuts right through the icey drums, this is going to hook any fans out there of the contemporary west coast sound who want to scrunch up their faces and bang their heads. Look out for this new one on the 22nd.

Tags: Trap