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Favorite ThisWessanders gives us a good look at 'The Floppy Swanger'

Published: January 20, 2022

By: Anand Harsh

Wessanders - Talking PointsDuring the early days of lockdown, The Rust was instrumental in keep us homebound heads entertained with a series of inventive live streams. Coming out of the pandemic, we've seen the label pop up more and more on festivals with stage takeovers, and we thought “let's get the team out west.”

The east coast crew is making its west coast takeover debut at The Untz Festival May 13-15 in Browns Valley, California by bringing out Face Plant, Maxfield, and Wessanders. The latter piggybacks off of this week's announce with a well-timed EP on The Rust.

Talking Points is the latest release from Kai Felsman, boasting four impressive midtempo, psy-breaks, and overall cronchy tunes that are giving me mad vibes of another performer on our festival: Resonant Language. Today's feature track, “The Floppy Swanger,” especially gives me Wiggle Bin vibes, ResLang's 2020 release vs. the more aggressive squeaks and squelches of 2021's Gut Wrench. That's all in line with The Rust's traditional output, which is glitchy, to be true, but strays away from super aggro sound design flexing in favor of melody and groove. Wessanders is no stranger to our feeds nor the label's ranks, and with a little nudge out west, their sound will get some more national attention over the next few months.

Talking Points is out January 25 and you can pre-save it now: 

Tags: Glitch