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Favorite ThisWeekly Wobblez (Edition 3)

Published: August 1, 2012
By: Ty Allen

Whether a person considers themselves an artist or a spectator, aficionado or pioneer, one thing seems to be universally true—we can all derive inspiration from each other. Whether we need it, require it, want it or simply desire it, it is ever present and is just waiting to be utilized. Welcome back! This is the third installment of “Weekly Wobblez”, a section of The Untz geared towards weekly discovery of music and artists across the EDM continuum, with the goal of diversifying people’s ventures of musical unearthing. Whether it’s an infamous DJ, spouting out a new mix, or some unknown hopeful, testing their waves on SoundCloud, we want to bring the inspirations to you, the people for whom they are meant. So, take a minute and check out the first edition of our new segment (and a second to turn up the bass, of course), and we hope to get your creative juices flowing, enjoy!

1. Bombs Away: Avicii & NERVO – You’re Gonna’ Love Again (Remix)

First up is a brand-spankin’-new, free remix to the latest from the multifaceted beauties, known simply as, NERVO. The recently featured “Bombs Away” takes this already heart-pumping house track and punches it full of their distinct party power—adding sawed-out synth drops, a bit of laser swag, and pounding bass rhythms, all while infusing dramatic cuts of the infectious vocals. They have definitely knocked this track up a few bars, ensuring that we’re all gonna’ love again!

2. Back From The Future (BFTF): Wynter Gordon – Til’ Death (Remix)

This ridiculous remix comes from the masterminds of DJ Saber and Cheyenne Giles, a duo that has been on a rocket-powered journey to the top of the dance world with their brain battering remixes, and soul shattering originals. With “Til’ Death,” they flex their bass to the limit, taking Wynter Gordon’s housey, party anthem, along side her seductive vocals, and inflict it with a cavernous soundscape consisting of huge bass drops and wavy synths that send chills wobbling down your spine. This has been out for a few months now and outright BANGS, so get ready to lose some sleep over this one.

3. Dillon Francis: Masta Blasta (THE REBIRTH)

Yeah, you read it right. Dillon is back at it, revisiting his moombah-jump up hit off of his Westside EP and torqueing it out with a bit of 73 BPM, trap-ah-ton madness. Unanimously known as one of the kings of the dance scene, this young gun does nothing but bang out beats like it was his job. Oh, that’s right, it is, and this track D.R.O.P.S. so hard it could force some fancy footwork out of a 2x4. Not much else to say other than listen up, because this is definitely going to get played out on some serious sets.

4. Popeska: Cowbell Boogie (More Cowbell)

This incredible track comes from a young star on the rise, Ralf, a 19-year-old producer from ATL who is somewhat of the Robin Hood of EDM – he just steals from his rich library of ingenious sound compilations, and gives to the poor people who can’t afford to buy all of the awesome music they hear. Literally, this kid loves music so much he just keeps pumping out tracks and giving them out on SoundCloud – 94 of them as of now. This track is as much of a banger as it is hilarious. Starting out a bit on the trap-side, building up with rising draws and samples talking about wanting some of “her” dirty, dirty booty, then dropping hard - combining quaking bass with energetic synths in the backdrop and an overpowering (in a good way) cowbell that makes you want to get up and rage out, just before making your head want to pop! If it’s too much cowbell, don’t worry, Popeska actually has the original on SC as well, but fans loved the bell so much he vamped it up in this reworked version, so be sure to swing by his page and cop some of his sounds ranging from heavy house to lavish soundscapes.

5. Bright Young Minds: Problematic

Two of the most prolific artists in dance music right now have teamed up to make things a little less fair for the rest of the producers out there. Protohype and Kezwik, both with an abundance of experience and cache of mind-blowing tracks, worked together to create “Problematic” which was a contest submission for Camp Bisco’s “Battle To Play Bisco,” and they almost won, barely getting beaten out, but by an amazing artist in his own respect, Ghost. This track is absolutely vicious, and it ticked over 3k downloads in 3 days after being released by Protohype on his SoundCloud page. It begins with violent strikes of a violin placed behind some bubbly, synth stabs, then the warped up vocals come in – “Problematic when I hit automatic” – followed by a rise and fall of catastrophic proportions. The heavy saws kick in, accompanied by a resounding bark every fifth break or so. The end result is madness, something you’d expect nothing less of from these two monsters of musical manipulation. Definitely for the bass cravers, enjoy!

6. Monster! Monster!: I Just Died In Your Arms (Remix)

Last up is a throwback jam from a, somewhat, sub-stream producer, Monster! Monster! Embodied by 22-year-old, Rob Ogden, Monster! uses his sonic skills to breathe life into timeless tech of the 80’s and 90’s that inspire him – such as sampling cuts in the form of games from the original Nintendo and Gameboy systems. This remix to Cutting Crew’s classic track of the 80’s is an absolute gem, and is easily one of the coolest remixes of the song around. While it has been out for a few years, there are certainly far too many ears that have missed this quavering composition, which uses the airy front end and vocals of the original to open up, but almost immediately throws listeners into a pit of despair, surrounded by something that sounds like an angry sorcerer casting a bass-powered incantation straight to their cerebral cortex. This track goes in, like…HARD, so get ready rage out for the next 3 minutes 26 seconds.

Thank you all once again for tuning into “Weekly Wobblez” hosted by The Untz, and we hope you all had a revelation somewhere along the way. Check back in next week for round 4!

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