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Favorite ThisWe Come to Party: An interview with JK Soul + new single LOVE

Published: May 29, 2014

By: Huff

When you think of Slovenia, you think of dense forests, immense numbers of stunning caves, and some guy called Gramatik or something. However, there is another artist hailing from Slovenia who has been producing his way to international prominence. JK Soul, The Slovenian beat Jedi, and avid party starter, might not be digging through the Slovenian caves, but rather through crates of vinyl, searching for samples, to conduct some of the freshest soul hop and electronic abstractions on the scene.

JK Soul - The 1UP Colfax

JK Soul just dropped the first single, "LOVE," from his forthcoming EP, When There Is No Sun. You can see him perform it live this Saturday, May 31st, at The 1 UP Colfax in Denver, CO alongside Vibe Street, Grim & Darling, and more.

Huff: Where does the name JK Soul stem from and what does it mean?  JK: It came out of a joke. Just kidding. Get it? No really... It's just my real initials Jernej Krizman, and the “Soul” stands for my soul. I guess.

Huff: How did you get started in production and your musical journey in general? 

JK: The same moment I was born I released my fist hit single "WEEE WEEE." All the kids in the building loved it! Just kidding. [He’s such a joker.]

To be honest, I believe that "I didn't have the balls to do it” until last year. I had a "regular" job since I was 13 and I felt pretty comfortable with that...I was looking for "security," but I always felt inside me that music is my life... It took me a while to realize that... but probably I just need to grow up enough to realize it. 4 years ago I had a really emotional conversation with my dad, just few days before he passed away. We were talking about it at my sister’s wedding (that happened 2 days before he died). And he looked seriously at me and started talking really honestly to me, "you know fuck your regular job. Money is not the most important thing in your life. I see that you are not happy as you should be, every time I see passion in your eyes, is when you are making music... this is what your life should be. You should be making music!” 

Things were devastating for my family after he passed away. So I decided that time, that I have to care for my family first and leave everything else on the side for some time. Slowly, everything settled in its own place. 

Finally, I had the balls to leave my job and completely in the beginning of 2013 and dedicate myself into my music career and start living my life out of music and in less than a year some amazing things started to happen.

Long story short: Do all you can to make your dreams come true!

Huff: What's been your most memorable achievement throughout your recent success? 

JK: So much is happening right now. It’s beautiful. My new EP has been signed to Michal Menert's #SUPERBESTRECORDS label and we are discussing an opening slot for his next tour in fall.

All of this this couldn't of happened without Mikey Thunder who helped me get out to Denver. It's just wonderful what is going on right now.

Huff: Who or what are your top influences? 

A bottle of Havana and Coke!

Huff: No really, If you could collaborate with anyone from the past or future, who would it be and why?

JK: Well in past I would definitely love to collaborate with GURU (rest in peace). He was always an inspiration for me. When I had a bad day he just turned it into a beautiful one and because of him I started to look on things in a more positive outlook.

And as far as future collabs I would go with CHET FAKER! He is just an amazing artist. I love his voice and his style.

Huff: What are your goals for the rest of 2014? 

JK: Primary goal: Touring in the US. Secondary goal: Touring in Europe and UK. Maybe I should make some music in there too right?

Huff: What has been your favorite performance thus far in your career? 

JK: Atlanta - The Masquerade in 2009 when I was performing as a part of Gramatik's act. We were opening for Pretty Lights. The crowd was just amazing! And the Denver Fillmore gig last November, when I was a support act for Michal Menert.

Huff: Elaborate about your new EP? 

JK: I don't want to spoil it. All I can say right now is that it's the best thing I've ever created.

[This is saying a lot once you go through his catalogue)]

It’s complex, organic, and full of emotions and stories. We are planning on releasing it this October through Superbest Records in time for the next Michal Menert World tour, which I hope to be jumping on.

JK Soul is a big tall dude but probably the nicest person you will ever meet as he tries to humor you with his half broken English. He will be easily to spot this year on tour if you are lucky enough to catch him and his super funky sets full of soul and imagination that will capture your hearts, ears, and move your body’s chakras. Be on the lookout for his upcoming release this fall on #SuperbestRecords.

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