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Favorite ThisWaxx Crooks: GHOSTS EP

Published: March 5, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

There’s no better feeling than discovering an electrifying new artist. You feel like Nicholas Cage uncovering some long-lost treasure of national importance, and repeatedly pressing repeat is the only viable option. This is the exact phenomenon we experienced when first immersing ourselves in the new Waxx Crooks EP, Ghosts, along with the second, and the third, and so forth.
On the Oklahoma-based duo’s recent burst of creativity via Candyland’s Sweet Shop imprint, they’ve unleashed two earth-scorching tunes sure to blow minds.         
The EP’s title track has bold written all over it. Skull rattling synths drive into road rage frenzy, knocking over everything in their path as pounding snares follow suit. This is your brain on music, and damn does it feel good. 
“Wake Up” strikes up a raunchy blend between heart-stopping electro melodies and a terror-storm of beastly dub womps, flawlessly amalgamating with the force of a thousand winds. Each section will leave you begging for comparisons, struggling to reveal from which breathtaking anthems the boys gently snagged influence.
Waxx Crooks are bringing that Midwest thunder to the world, surging ear-cavities with relentless blasts of electricity. Tell your crew what’s good before everyone’s talking about this release, because these innovators are getting ready to blow up.